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Today’s world has become overly competitive. The theory of “Survival of the fittest” is more applicable now than ever. Being fit not just physically, but mental fitness also plays an extremely important role.

Not just in shaping how an individual grows but how his or her future gets built to how socially accepted a person is; these all solely depend on a person’s mentality or say an individual’s tendency to adapt and evolve.

What is Cognitive Behaviour?

A human being’s ability to see, feel, understand, learn and implement in accordance can be termed as Cognition. Any and all behaviour ruled by these acquired senses are Cognitive Behaviour. One might say this is how a basic human behaviour works. Yes, it is an integral part of our life or growth.

Can you believe that this sense of being human can also get impaired or affected by some or the other factors. Physiological and psychological elements can strongly impact the cognition in humans.

The treatment and reversal of cognitive skills in a person is majorly determined by the cause. When this is caused by an external factor such as an injury, side effects of any medication or any some sort of disease, the damage is reversible and with proper cognitive behavioural therapy the basic human skills can be retaught. Endorphin Corporation is a Cognitive behavioural therapy centre in Bangalore who provide specially trained psychiatrists in a controlled environment. Not only a person’s motor skills but this cognitive behaviour impairment also results in mild or severe memory loss. Especially when assisted with Parkinson or Alzheimer’s the CBT proves exceptionally useful in helping patients and their loved ones.

Sometimes when the cognitive behaviour loss is aided in new borns or kids due to a genetic disorder, specialised cognitive behaviour therapy proves to be a boon for leading a comfortable life.