Emotional Intelligence Training for Leaders

Leadership is not Domination. It’s the art of persuading people to work towards a ‘Common Goal”.  –  Daniel Goleman

Being a leader in itself is a role adorned by responsibility and authority. These hold true not just for themselves but also for the people working along side as their team. A good leader is someone who leads the team and the company to success with no matter what road blocks hit their path.

Emotional Intelligence is an imperative characteristic for any SLT.

Understanding that a leader’s emotion is contagious to the team, it becomes even more important for a leader to have a high emotional quotient score. They need to manage their emotions and that of the team as a collective emotion and as well as that of the individual team members. The ability to asses and lead each person as per their EI level is unavoidable quality a leader must possess.

Endorphin – An established name in Emotional Intelligence Trainings for Leaders, have many corporate clients with very rewarding outcomes in our kitty. Our specialised emotional quotient trainings developed for leadership consists exquisite content that has a leadership perspective and not just an individualised emotional quotient factor. A leader at any level has to be a person who cares, understands and holds an ability to replicate his or her affirmative outlook into the team for unhindered work.  Hence, an individualised approach might not be as effective as expected.

This does not mean that the leaders individual EQ score is not of relevance. One of the basic attributes that a person who have showcased to be promoted to be a team lead would have been a certain level of EQ score. The EQ Trainers for leaders at Endorphin make use of their expertise as psychological counsellors to evaluate, asses and modify any EI Training regime to suit the Leadership team. Our Emotional Intelligence trainings for leaders is contingent on the basic EQ and harness it further and develop it.