Problem in Sleeping at Night?

Dear mind please stop thinking so much at night, I need sleep!

I’m so tired but I’ll probably be awake until 3 am..!

Another sleepless night..!

Do such thoughts frequently cross your mind at night? Does it feel like you haven’t slept since forever? Then you are at the right place. What you need to acquire knowledge of is commonly known as ‘Sleep disorder’. Sleep disorder is an increasing problem in today’s generation. They are perhaps the most overlooked, ignored & underrated cause of health and performance problems.

Now, one of most common questions of someone facing sleeping disorder can be what are the causes of this disorder? & how can I fix it? All these things can be learnt. There is more to it than you probably think. There are various factors that affect sleep, and they can be overcome! All that it needs is the exact knowledge & right guidance of what should or should not be done.

Most people think it is impossible to treat sleeping problems. Well it isn’t. What it takes is time and a little hard work. But what if, you get to gain an understanding of the subject as well as be certified for it! Yes, you can be a ‘sleep consultant’ while your quest for the topic continues. Why not right! So, what is a ‘sleep consultant’? In basic words, he helps you to understand the behind the scenes of why you have problem falling asleep at night. He looks over your current sleep situation, daily routine, health & psychology. Then advises how it can be improved in order to gain sound sleep. To gain a full night of sleep, some diet changes and new habits have to be formed. They need to be advised by the sleep consultant keeping in mind various aspects. All of which are included in the program.

The most primary aspects include a basic question ‘what is sleep’? Some may say it is merely resting at night. And others may say sleeping is a break from our everyday life. It is partially correct! But what we seize to know is that sleep is a ‘need’. Like everything else, our body needs recovering, this is exactly what it does at night. Imagine not recovering for several days in a row. Imagine what it will do to our mind and body functioning every second of our life! They might create other physical and mental problems.

Another aspect is to know what affects sleep.

A basic problem due to which 80% of the people cannot sleep is ‘stress’. I am sure most of the people reading this agree that this is one of the causes of sleep deprivation. Frequently being in a heightened state of alertness can delay the onset of sleep and can cause rapid, anxious thoughts to occur at night. Above this, insufficient sleep can cause more stress, which leads to lesser sleep, and the chain goes on. A ‘sleep consultant’ examines these small characteristics.

All the above points about sleep are a few from a list of basic and easy to understand subject matter. Studying and knowing more about them will indeed increase your knowledge and the urge to know more will fill in. Nothing more satisfying than helping others overcoming their problem. To help guide them out of something and into a healing process that can change their life forever. Especially when you will be the expert advisor, the mentor and their personal ‘Sleep Disorders’.

Help others get back their sleep!

Be a change, be a Sleep Disorder Consultant..!